19 June 2010

Wishful thinking

In much of my home search I am led to parts of Virginia that make me swoon with desire. In particular is Montressor Farm near Leesburg, Virginia. It is about five miles north of Leesburg on Route 15. This is not just any farm to me.
 It is the birthplace of my great- great- grandmother, Maria Marlow Rust (Miss Minnie),  and quite a character from what I heard.  The George Rust family lived on the farm before the Civil War, although I have not done enough research to know if they actually built it in 1750 and exactly when they left.

It was for sale as part of a bankruptcy, and I believe it still is for 1.4 milion, a pitance for a Leesburg farm. The annual taxes alone are over $23,000 !

It is sadly well over my budget, but I REALLY want it. It has fallen into disrepair.

I still want it.
Col. E.V. White bought it after the war, along with a great deal of land around Leesburg. Other owners came along too. Most recently a couple ran a horseback riding camp from about 1954 to 1972.

I often wonder how it has changed over the years and where Miss Minnie played. Her uncle Armistead, being the eldest, had the nearby Rockland Plantation that is still occupied by Rusts.

I'd hate to bother them but I am awfully curious about Montressor Farm and I need to start playing the lottery too.

12 June 2010

Fruit to fashion

Beginning with a fruit juice stand and a colorul shift, Lilly pulitzer has become a fashion icon that epitomizes summer, resorts, and preppy looks.

I don't normally do posts on fashion but the frustration of updating my kitchen has me ready for a diversion.
I am a total sucker for Lilly Pulitzer dress.

They are so delightfully feminine.

The originals collection is a fresh breath of retro.

A preppy look might be just the thing for Father's day.

Looks like this were my standard summer attire along with Lilly dresses
 before baby. My vast collection of Lilly no longer fits. I might want to start collecting again or else I am going to have to quit eating all those cakes.