28 August 2010

Fabulous beds

Fabulous twin beds, crappy cell phone photo.
Anyway, I felt like browsing in a few antique shops yesterday and I came across these darling twin head/footboards.
I think I have to have them.

I am seeing them in a dove gray room with a mix of tartan bedding.
Yes, I realize they have more of a Directoire feel than hunting lodge but I am trying to play up the masculine for my 15 year-old son.

I think it would be the cozy feel that matching twin beds need.

I have a "plan B" if they don't fit in his room after we move.

My little princess will have a pale shell pink on the walls of her boudoir.

Framed in black...

will be the Barbie fashion prints from this year's favorite calendar.

The two beds would be rather fetching with coronets above both.

I hope they are still there. I am going back.

26 August 2010

Where have I been?

I looked at my statcounter and realized that no one is reading boring old stuff.
I had better get on it.

I have not been on vacation anywhere exciting or beachy.  We have been househunting to no avail. Also, I have been giving our kitchen a facelift...

that is still unfinished.

The peninsula is gone, new countertops, sink and faucet are in, and the walls are painted S-W lemon meringue.

The cabinets got a coat of paint and new hardware.
This hideous floor is next on the list.

Can you believe that I have lived with this for four years? Now we are changing it just in time to leave.
I'll post pics of the whole thing when the floor is done.