20 July 2010

Wish list

Whilst daydreaming about the possibility of this house,

I keep thinking of things I would like to put in it.
That is, if my offer is accepted. If it is I will have to wait for everyone of these things very patiently. Not my forte.

Number 1

is a newbed.
Mine is only a couple of years old, but its awful. Like sleeping in a hammock. Which is fine on a warm afternoon but not every night.

Number 2

A Chesterfield sofa. I've always wanted one.

Number 3

A kitchen like this. Not happening anytime soon. I was supposed to do this in my current home.
We decided to move and maybe do it in a new house but I may be broke after I buy a house I like.

Number 4

My husband and I have always wanted a library. The home I like has one so its actually a possibility.

Number 5

A master bath.
Our 40-something Cape Cod does not have one and I never thought it was important to me until my oldest daughter turned 12 and nothing was my own anymore. I'd prefer to find my things where I left them.

What things are on your wish list? Are they impossible dreams or a shopping trip away?

18 July 2010

Cross fingers, kiss elbows etc, OR what's a girl to do?

I was at this lovely home this weekend and...

this freakin' awesome pad!
I really liked the first home and would be honored to call it my own but it is now number two on my list.

The house above is also over budget. If  a small miracle were to occur and enable me to purchase this home I would have the dilema of being cash poor with this flooring.

Under this is sub-flooring. 
 It is really sculpted carpet.
 I was incredulous. What would I do?

Grin and be thankful!

The house was built in 1995 with an interior imported from 1985,

but what a GREAT house.
OOOOOOOOH! Double cross for me. :)

15 July 2010

How old is this house?

So many people love classic, old American houses.
Would you ever gues that this house is brand new?

It is brand new along with oodles of others in select Ryland and Ryan home communities.
If you live in an area where these are being built, it doesn't come as a surprise, but for those that live in parts of the country where big residential building is just more cookie cutter crap, this is interesting.
The neighborhoods incorporate melange of architectural details  and styles like Federal, Victorian Stick and Queen Anne, as well as others.

This neighborhood, within the city of Fredericksburg, Virginia, is intended to blend with the city's historic old town.

The man in the sales office called it, "neo-traditional". The historic look is accompanied by more modern open floor plans.

The lots in this develpment are the size of city lots too.
I know all this because in our desperation, we visited the sales office and, although enticing, I felt as though I'd be selling my soul. The place has a odd, movie set feel that is hard to capture in pictures.

We are off to see this beauty this weekend.
It is a bit over budget. It looks promising. Cross your fingers for me.

07 July 2010


I've been completely preoccupied with househunting and a kitchen update so I can sell this house, but more on that later.
I have been somewhat obsessed with a very large and rather groovy house.

It needs a little help with an identity crisis. It seems to be Brady bunch on the outside and Olive Garden on the inside.

Don't even get me started about the colors.

It is absolutely gigantic!

I really think that this would make a lovely library, without the pool table and light fixture of course. It has French doors enclosing it and more of that odd, distressed black trim.

The 90's called and they want their faux finishes back .
This house wants a Barcelona chair and an understated palette.
I know, understated is trendy but even a lover of red has to know when to stop.

Don't you think the above is a fair dose of mid-centuy and rustic?

I don't really know what I could do to liven this up.
Any thoughts?