17 May 2010

New home inspiration

I am currently shopping around for a bigger house that our expanded family can call home. I can't stop thinking about how I will use the opportunity to decorate. Of particular concern are the family room and master bedroom.

Image from Cote deTexas

The family room is of particular interest to me because we don't exactly have a dedicated family room now. The big TV is in the basement (yuck) with old couches and mainly serves the 3 teenage boys. We also have a bedroom/playroom with a sofa and small TV that is close to my kitchen. I use that most.
The houses that I am looking at seem to all have a kitchen/breakfast area and family room connected. It will be used as an everyday area but I hope to have a finished basement to house the actual play area (read: mess).
I have decided that I want the decor to have the casual feel of jeans and a t-shirt with a Chanel jacket.

Not the sort of thing you would wash the car in, but not fussy and formal.
I like slipcovers. They are practical and I don't care if some don't like them.
They will be white or cream, linen or twill.

The windows are up for debate. Maybe linen in white or natural. Maybe an ivory silk. Perhaps a blue stripe ticking. Oh yeah, the wall will be the palest shade of blue or seafoam.
Silly I guess, especially since I haven't actually bought a house.
I just can't help fantasizing about all of the rooms I get to do over.

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  1. Kerry, have you thought about making mood boards for your new rooms to be!? That would be fun!

    Art by Karena