05 May 2010


Have you ever noticed the way that shutters add a cohesive and finished look to a house?

Today shutters are mere ornament but a funtioning shutter like the one above has the added benefit of protecting windows when closed.
These shutters, on a door in Virginia, are ingeniously designed with louvers angled in different directions to catch the breeze.
The back of this house seems to ache for a finishing touch. New construction generally skips the ornament on the sides and rear of the house. A few shutters at modest cost would add a refined and complete look to all sides of this house.


  1. Kerry, so true! I always say exactly that when I go by a home with unadorned windows on the exterior!

    Art by Karena

  2. I like shutters a lot! I am NOT a fan of the fake plastic ones that they make now. I like the old wooden ones!