15 July 2010

How old is this house?

So many people love classic, old American houses.
Would you ever gues that this house is brand new?

It is brand new along with oodles of others in select Ryland and Ryan home communities.
If you live in an area where these are being built, it doesn't come as a surprise, but for those that live in parts of the country where big residential building is just more cookie cutter crap, this is interesting.
The neighborhoods incorporate melange of architectural details  and styles like Federal, Victorian Stick and Queen Anne, as well as others.

This neighborhood, within the city of Fredericksburg, Virginia, is intended to blend with the city's historic old town.

The man in the sales office called it, "neo-traditional". The historic look is accompanied by more modern open floor plans.

The lots in this develpment are the size of city lots too.
I know all this because in our desperation, we visited the sales office and, although enticing, I felt as though I'd be selling my soul. The place has a odd, movie set feel that is hard to capture in pictures.

We are off to see this beauty this weekend.
It is a bit over budget. It looks promising. Cross your fingers for me.

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  1. Fingers crossed :)

    Eddie & Jaithan