20 July 2010

Wish list

Whilst daydreaming about the possibility of this house,

I keep thinking of things I would like to put in it.
That is, if my offer is accepted. If it is I will have to wait for everyone of these things very patiently. Not my forte.

Number 1

is a newbed.
Mine is only a couple of years old, but its awful. Like sleeping in a hammock. Which is fine on a warm afternoon but not every night.

Number 2

A Chesterfield sofa. I've always wanted one.

Number 3

A kitchen like this. Not happening anytime soon. I was supposed to do this in my current home.
We decided to move and maybe do it in a new house but I may be broke after I buy a house I like.

Number 4

My husband and I have always wanted a library. The home I like has one so its actually a possibility.

Number 5

A master bath.
Our 40-something Cape Cod does not have one and I never thought it was important to me until my oldest daughter turned 12 and nothing was my own anymore. I'd prefer to find my things where I left them.

What things are on your wish list? Are they impossible dreams or a shopping trip away?


  1. Ooooh! An old-fashioned butler's pantry would be great.

  2. A much larger, organized walk in closet and dressing area for the Master!

    Art by Karena