16 November 2010

TV room nonsense and sensiblity

I am decorating my new family room in my mind.
I can really only do it in my head at this point because,
a) I haven't physically moved yet.
b) starting today my husband is unemployed and our house isn't even on the market yet so there is ZERO budget,
c) we disagree on how it should look.

I'd like the Carlisle sofa from Pottery Barn (shown above)

to have its back toward but not against the windows.  Oddly enough, I would like the walls the same greige/putty color in the PB photo.
We do agree that the TV should not go above the fireplace. It will be wall mounted on the stair wall, which is bigger than it appears and have some piece of furniture under it.

This painting will go over the fireplace. This photo cuts a bit of it out. It happens to be the only one large enough  that I already own.

I would also like to

have two Wassily chairs but the narrow room might only accomodate one, which is funny because my wallet accomodates none.

The disagreement lies in the mix of traditional furniture with post-modern iconic pieces. My family does not like the eclecticism.

I pointed out Mrs. Kennedy's (Ethel) clear lucite table amongst piles of floral chintz to no avail.

I would love a lucite table although I'm not sure they are toddler friendly.
Oh, did I mention that this must also be my little girl's play space--cringe.
Luckily, my husband and I have lived the "toy bomb" family room before and are commited to avoiding a sea of plastic toys in favor of fewer high quality toys that can be kept out of view when needed.

The mere mention of the lucite table brought us to our next tooth and nail throwdown. I should tell you that that I have an intense dislike for clutter tables, I mean cofee tables. In my experience, they serve to collect everyone's crap and if I want to keep it presentable it invovles yelling daily followed by a heaving a huge sigh and tidying it myself.
My husband wants a coffee table to (and this is where I shudder) put his feet on.
To this I offer the compromise of the ever trite leather ottoman which he does not like because its not a table that you can put a drink on or let the littlest use as a coloring table.
 I think the following is my best and final offer being both sturdy and versatile, the pair of tables would be far less offensive to my sensibilties.

Who should win the arguements?
Do you think any of my choices are horrible?
Suggestions, please.

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