04 January 2011

Finding design inspiration

Finding design inspiration is not always as obvious as grabbing the nearest shelter magazine and copying the elements that you like best.

Often the architecture dictates what you can copy.
The best designs evolve from one or more sources like...

image via Thibaut

a fabric or wallcovering that that has the colors and mood that resonate with you.
Non -designers can have a very dificult time translating an inspiration peice into a functioning room without resorting to the pre-matched fabrics, etc. from one vendor.
A feminine fabric that is a jumping off point can determine the color sheme and the general feel of a room but is not without subtleties. Some have a very refined feeling and others a younger, flirtier type of feminine vibe.

This inspiration photo...

image via Thibaut

can be about texture or a monochromatic color sheme or just have the general feel that you want.

Often a certain style or period is the thing that gets a person to identify what it is that they want.

One way a designer gains insight into a person's style is by looking at their collections and belongings on display.
Take a look around, often the best inspiration is right under your nose in even the smallest way.

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