24 December 2010

Need a little X-mas?

While we are very cozy in our new house, I do feel a bit like Charlie Brown.
Our house is under-decorated for the holidays and in general.

The bulk of my belongings and the nicest of them are in Pennsylvania trying to sell my old house.

I am employing more than a few pieces of my husband's bachelor furniture that had been jammed into the garage.
This includes an ugly lopsided table with mismatched folding chairs which will hold us and festive tableware for Christmas Eve dinner.
I will be using my Meme's California Ivy Metlox plates that she often used at Christmas despite their everyday nature.

Though they are not Christmasey, I like them for the holiday.
I did manage to pack my great-grandmother's silver in a well labeled box along with antique linen napkins.

Not a single good tablecloth in sight.
I did not even iron this one, hee hee.

I did get a very sentimental silver cup, spoon and napkin ring out for the baby and that kind of adds all I need to make this a special year.


If I didn't find it all so hilarious, I might be a bit sad.

The truth is that I am enormously grateful to be with my family in our lovely new home.

Happy Holidays to all of you.

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