11 March 2010

Chair obsession

Every yard sale, antique store and furniture store holds at least one chair that catches my eye. I have been forbidden to buy any more chairs.
I especially love the graceful, if slightly exaggerated lines of the Victoria Hagan wing chair above.
Most people that know me would be surprised to see that I chose this chair as a favorite, being a bit of a traditionalist. The Corbu chair by architect Le Corbusier is a post modern icon and blends well with most decorating styles.
The Barcelona chair designed by architect Mies ver der Rohe is another mid-century must have. They are especially pleasing in pairs.
This one from Anthropologie may end up in my house in the future. Traditional design paired with anything unexpected really speaks to me.
This one from Downtown was just too groovy to be left out.
This is an example of a crapaud. Its funny name, pronounced crapo, means frog in French. There are other chairs with similar lines and the same name.
A real favorite is this antique French child's chair that has been enjoyed by four generations of children in my family and no one knows how many others.

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