31 March 2010

What color is your front door?

Its Spring and we are thinking about perking up the fron of our house. Fine tuning the edged out flower beds and fixing the front porch top my husband's list and I must repaint the front door. It was white and I painted it black. My naivety led to the wrong paint bubbling up. My house is pink, yes pink, brick. The shutters are white. Sorry no picture. It is still too wintery, ugly out there.
I am toying with painting it a different color.

Maybe red.

Not blue.

I really hate purple, so that is right out.

This is so sunny and inviting but not for a pink brick house.


This green is nice. Some might call it boring but its not bad.


I think this green door is just marvelous.

This one is great too.

I hate to say it but I think I'll stick with black.
What color is your front door?

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