19 March 2010


It is almost time for all of our furniture to don slipcovers while we trot off to our summer homes for the season. If we have them. If not, you can still continue the seasonal tradition with slipcovers for your furniture.
Joni  Webb, of Cote de Texas, had a lovely post on slipcovers or "slips" as she so charmingly calls them.

In a more recent post on the Alban's house, she used slips on the furniture in her client's family room.

I find the ties (as oppossed to zippered) rather fetching.
Some people hate, I mean really hate slipcovers. Maybe they had memories of a bad smelling house with plastic slipcovers.
They were originally pieces of cloth draped over furniture made of fine damasks and velvets to protect them. Some were tucked here and there and eventually began to be fitted to each piece. They are super practical. Washable furniture is a dream come true for clean freaks and germaphobes everywhere.
In the summer, many households now a days slipcover furniture in a casual look using denim or twill or ducking.

They aren't just for the living room. These dining chair covers are my idea of feminine style. Notice the ballerina shoe type ties on the legs.

Monogramming is a big trend in dining chair slips. I guess it helps you to identify them in a police lineup or something. I have never understood monogramming things that never leave your house and aren't in danger of being mixed up with someone else's.

This reminds me of a summery sundress.

Perfect when your chair has a party to host!

They certainly don't need to be all white.

This headboard slip looks easy to make.
This tablecover is adorable. I'm guessing it's washable.

Images from Country Living, Cottage Living and Cote de Texas.

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  1. hi! thanks for much for the shout out!!! much appreciated.

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