10 December 2010

Christmas Bizarre

I'm feeling a little defensive about my pathetic holiday decorations.
They didn't all make it onto the truck.
This frightening monkey (?) is not mine but I thought I'd show you a few odd and sometimes rather rude
Christmas decorations.

Potty humor and the birth of Christ-- not a combination I normally think of.

More Christmas poop. This one is for is for your creche.

These are just weird.

Just rude.
Years ago a pal of mine had a business selling handmade novelty soap. At  Halloween the clear bars had bugs and bats, etc.
She decided it would be neat to market a pickle soap to the Heinz museum in Pittsburgh. She found a pickle mold and whipped up a batch of pickle soap. On the day of her appointment with the buyer the woman was so appalled by the phallic appearance she did not buy any and told my friend that they were gross!
I laughed really hard and think of that story every time I see that pickle ornament.

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