11 December 2010

Meet me in St Louis

When my husband and I watch movies that have castles or other fabulous places to live I count the seconds until, without fail, he says, "Is that the house you want, Honey?"

Besides being my favorite Christmas movie, Meet Me in St. Louis has one of my favorite houses.

I am not so much in love with the Eastlake Victorian decor but I do love the scale of the rooms and the interesting architecture.

It is a bit over accessorized.

And lacy.

Looking very closely at the hairstyles and fashions you can see the anachronistic influence of 1940s style. I think it is also apparent in the interiors. I think my grandma or at least somebody's had a vanity mirror like that.

I wish I could find better pics of the kitchen in the movie. The copper pots, wooden cabinetry low and shelves above are my ideal and I am blessed to have an antique French canister set like the one behind Mama, played by Mary Astor.

Do you have a favorite "movie house" ?


  1. Ingrid Bergman's apartment in 'Indiscreet'!

  2. is there any way you could send me a picture of the canister set?my last name is rice and i collect canisters that say rice but for years ive tried to enlarge the kitchen picture so i could hunt for a match to Mrs Smiths canisters its my all time favorite movie !!
    thanks Nancy