21 March 2011

Blue and white

I love blue and white together. Especially vignettes with a mix of ginger jars, vases, and bowls.

The owner of this dinining room has the ultimate collection.
I love the tiny tureen on the table.

It is such a refreshing color combination without being pushy.

Target even has a new collection of blue and white home accessories.

I have indulged in a few Target items for my guest bath but I prefer antiques.

With the exception of a soup tureen (not pictured) I have inherited all of my great-grandmother's blue and white plates.
They are lovely but don't acheive the effect that peices in the round do when on display.

I am paricularly fond of the way that the combination of blue and white pairs so well with other colors.
Even if its not on a flag it looks wonderful with red. I am also a fan of mixing it with yellow or orange
creating a Provencal look, even though its not exactly in vogue at the moment.

It is wonderful all by itself too.

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