15 March 2011

Comfort or Style?

Comfort? No, I'm not going to talk about shoes...

but sofas.
The Carlisle sofa from Pottery Barn was a favorite of mine until I sat in it.
It may be great for lying down, although I didn't try that, it
was way too deep and squishy.
I'm short so its rather difficult to find seating that everyone in our house likes.
Its is nearing the time for us to go out and find something for our family room.
It won't be a high-end custom sofa. Somewhere in the mid-range, $1000-$2000.

I like the idea of slipcovers, like on this Ikea Extorp sofa and the price is great.
I have one and my husband has been trying to put it out with the garbage since we got it.
The seat cushions are rock hard and it sits too high up.
I also think that white slipcovers are going to be too high maitainance for me. I have a toddler, think sticky fingers and crayons, and two teens, think food and possibly shoes soiling the furniture in our
family room.
Washable is great but white might be an everyday chore.

That being said, this sofa from Ethan Allen is too fussy.
This looks comfy.

I prefer the sleek lines of something like this, but it remains to be seen if it is
Comfort is most important to my husband.
Style and practicality are big on my list.

This will never happen at my house.
What are your priorties in seating?
Hardwearing and comfortable? Stylish?
Contemporary or traditional?

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