28 March 2011

Change of plans and a fruitless search

Spent all weekend looking for one of these that is not as deep as a twin bed.
 No luck so far so I must drive to Northern Virginia to continue the search.

I have abandoned the idea of a slipcovered sofa for my family room, for the moment.

My thinking is that a leather Chesterfield will be virtually indestructable, a good thing in this house.
It also is not a trendy look that I might get sick of.
This is equally important because my husband is of the belief that a sofa should
outlast the pyramids.
I like the clean look of white slipcovers but I fear they would not look
very clean for long and I would constantly need to spot treat or launder them.

Its not that we are especially dirty. In fact, people have always asked me how my kids are so clean.
My oldest could play in the mud and somehow manage to keep his clothes spotless.
Sticky fingerprints still happen sometimes.
I think my husband is the culprit.

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