18 February 2010

1001 AD nights

It has been more like 8440 nights since I recieved this issue of Architectural Digest in January of 1987 and its images still flicker in my memory.
The Hotel Tichka in Marrakesh is featured. Designer Bill Willis used the vibrant colors that are typical of Morocco and traditionally painted furniture.

The article explains that, only the brown and turquoise trim on the windows and balconies hint at the delights within on the otherwise austere exterior.
Despite its fanciful colors I find the images comforting rather than stimulating. Like the inside of a genie's bottle, I would imagine that this place feels a bit cocoon-like.

The enlarged quote within the article is, "The owners wanted a property that was typically Moroccan and that would linger in the memory long after guests checked out."

Evoking the scents of Rose and Spice through photographs, the virtual guest can only guess that this is a perfumed paradise that does, indeed stay with you long after your departure.

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