03 February 2010

Oh Dear! This chair needs help.

This chair came from England with my great-grandmother. I assume it was her mother's (see crazy lady post) as many things like this were. I need to repair the foot--easy. It's just the ghastly fabric that has to go. It really is the grayish, cadet blue damask that you see.
I am NOT a fan of Victorian furniture. I adore my other antiques and this chair does have its charms. For one, it is tiny like the diminutive British ladies that must have used it first.
My dilemma is in choosing the replacement fabric. I looked through all of my sample books and memos to no avail. I originally thought that a pale yellow taffeta or jaquard would be lovely, but not knowing the destination room for the chair has made me unsure.
Four bedrooms and five kids means we need a bigger house. In that case it would go into the baby's room.
I would not want a traditional velvet, mohair, or tapestry

I thought something outrageous, like this chair from Anthropologie, might be best.

I found this interesting too.
I want opinions. Lots of them. What do you think? Can you recommend a large scale pattern that I might use? Or is that just garish and awful?


  1. I think these are all great! I would go on eBay and buy a striped grain sack and use that over the ones you showed above though. The skeleton is fun, but too much for my taste.


  2. That skull chair has been a favorite of mine for a while now! It's just so unique, don't you think? How many times have you walked into someone's house and seen a chair with a SKULL on it?!Me? none. and that's why I love it :)