17 February 2010

Tote bag

It might be raining in my kitchen, (insert insane, maniacal laugh here)but I still found time to make this.

It is a tote bag that I made out of a vintage feedsack (seed bag) that I bought on ebay. I got four for $30 including shipping. For this bag I just cut off the blank areas, closed up the bottom with a straight seam, and used the pieces I cut off to fashion the straps. I also made an inside pocket out of some other fabric and secured it inside the hem on the top edge.
The five minute project was this pillow.

I did not want to cut away any of this marvelous pattern, so I stuffed it as is. It makes for an unusual size pillow, but I can easily take out the only seam I put in, remove the stuffing and use it for another project.
I have two more that are much larger. I plan to upholster a small bench with on and turn the other into more pillows.
If you plan to do something like this I strongly recommend soaking and washing the bags at least once before you do anything.
It s a great way to pass the time while in denial about impending water damage!

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