11 February 2010


I have taken down enogh ugly wallpaper in my life to think long and hard before putting any up.
This collection from Thibaut has me thinking.
I love the textural quality. When I was a child,  a close friend of my grandparents had grasscloth wallpaper in her whole house. On top of it she showcased her stunning and extensive Asian art collection all in a modest two bedroom house in the suburbs of D.C. I loved it then and I think I still do.

This recent incarnation is much more colorful.
If that weren't enough, Thibaut has done my number one favorite thing in decorating...

juxtaposing traditional and modern styles. They have done it with texture too. The damask pattern above seems so refined. It gets taken down a notch, relaxed a bit by showing up on grasscloth.

I would love to see this in a formal dining room. I think it would tone down the stuffiness and at the same time reflect a tradional sensibilty.

The papers come in different weaves...and colorways.

This metallic gold backed Tahitian weave is cool. I don't know where I might use that.

This one is so bright yet somehow unaffected and not at all obnoxious. You could not say that about paint in the same color. This is the extra fine sisal weave and it comes in a ton of colors.

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  1. I love grasscloth. I once saw a room that was all grasscloth and then they stenciled big designs over it in white. Very cool! Thibaut wallpaper is amazing!