22 October 2010

I love Fred

 Don't worry my husband is down with Fred too. This  is our  Fred.

I will soon regain my status as Virginia resident.
It excites me.
It thrills me beyond belief to be in the state of my birth and upbringing.

Hannah and Silas Burke lived in what is now the "wilds of Northern Virginia". Silas was my great great something grandfather. I am hating losing that war. This land is $$$$$$ !

This is old Fredericksburg, Virginia.

For the city folks to the North  I can only advise you to ignore the signs that say "Thar be Dragons Beyond".
In Freder icksburg you'll find a real old fashioned pharmacy with a counter serving real vanilla Coke. There are antique and vintage stores at every price point (often low) and every level of collector including the most discerning.

I only hope I can make something of new constuction that is worthy of Spotsylvania's (county) history.

And its looks like I'll be doing it in this house.
 Advice is welcome.
 Pics to follow after closing.

I wish I was in the land of cotton,

Old times there are not forgotten...
Look away, look away..


  1. Gorgeous home! Congrats and best wishes!!


  2. Wow, that's incredible, congratulations! Looking forward to following the decoration!