20 October 2010

Mrs. Bubble

As I struggle to figure out how I will give new construction a soul, I am thinking about vintage bathrooms. The Necco wafer colored tiles and fixtures remind me of my childhood and houses I've visited.

There is something about the colors and thoughtful patterns that, however tacky, feel homey.

They can be oh-so garish.

Or have crisp black and white tiles that never lie about being clean.

The library of whimsical pattern is huge.

This one needs a bit of help to sparkle but I love the pink and green. Notice the arch above the tub.

Kitschy, kitschy, cute.

This new bathroom lacks the  personality of the funky vintage ones. Builders build and sell what people will buy and people buy what is affordable. It still leaves me cold and it may turn out to be my bathroom in the near future.

What would make you this happy? Vintage in color or
black and white?
Or do you like the brand new?

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