11 October 2010

Tasty dining rooms

This fabulous Belgian look is big right now.  I'm a sucker for silk taffeta like those drapes.

This American colonial look is a classic but hardly 
a hot trend. I really like the classic look. I do think that the blue on the walls is more suited to a room in which you might want to relax, like a TV room or bedroom.

My ideal dining room is on my mind because I do not have a formal table and chairs. Instead I have a French country looking thing that will be my everyday spot once I move.

I'd really like something like this Duncan Phyfe style pedestal table. I love satinwood banding around this one.

The overall look that the room will have is the thing I'm thinking about. Again, I love the classicism here but the walls are hurting me.

Walls hurt, hate the crown molding color. Love the chairs.

I don't really want a creampuff.

I like this but I think it is more casual than I want. The lamps on the sideboard are something I need to keep in mind.

This is lovely. I think the stripe on the chair that goes side to side is clever and of course I must have silk taffeta drapes. Pink? I just think the boys in my house would protest.

This is the breakfast room ( as opposed to the very formal and very green dining room)at George Washington's Mount Vernon. It is getting to closer to the look for me. The huntboard is a must-have.

Close too. Love the blue and white yet I equate that with something more casual.

This Miles Redd room has the drama I'm looking for, just not in green.

Totally '80s window treatment!

More '80s. The rug is too small in this room.

Love the RED!!!! Add my fox hunt prints and I think this is it, but no fringe please.

Check out this post on Willowbrook Park about red dining rooms. The dining room at Althorp really captures the English country house look that I want to emulate.

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