07 April 2011

Curtains, blankets and divorce,oh my!

Yesterday, my husband said to me, " You'll have to find a curtain for that window over the front door."

He meant the clerestory window in the entry hall.
I replied, " That is not the sort of window you put a curtain on." and it began...
the arguement about what to do in the summer when the sun blazes through the window and heats the house to an unfriendly temperature.
He said, " If you don't find something I'll hang a blanket on it."
"You let me hang a blanket on that back one so I'll just find another for the front."

This, friends, is where I confess a shamefull but necessary blanket hung as a window covering.
When we bought the house it came with partial vertical blinds on a sliding glass door.
I won't get into my feelings about the sliding glass door, since its staying but I draw the line at vertical blinds.
The other day it was 87 degrees in the afternoon and the sun is blinding during dinner most days. That day it was hot too so we hung a blanket. I am in the process of ordering a curtain.

Black velvet I ordered for a chair
I have chosen a few linen samples from Fabric.com. They have superb prices and an array of colors that I like.
I have a whole host of samples that are somewhere in the mail, just frustrating me.
I called my old workroom in Pennsylvania and got a quote for everything I want. Just waiting for the swatches to confirm.
Upholstery fabric for the sofa in steel gray

Robert Allen Dwell Studio Vintage Blossom

I am using the Vintage Blossom in Citrine for drapes on a row of four windows behind the sofa. The sofa will be in steel gray and a chair in black velvet will be in the room.
The linen curtain is for the eating area adjoining the family room and kitchen.
I really hope it all works together.

The good news is that I found a heat blocking window film at Lowe's for about $35 and will remain married despite the comment about chandeliers in bedrooms being stupid.