08 April 2011

Do you "ban" companies?

What I mean is do completely avoid shopping somewhere because of a bad experience?
My husband has a "ban" list of restaurants in our former Pa town.
Extremely poor service or damage control in a tough situation earned many establishments a spot on his list over 40 years living there.

I have a "ban" list of my own.

Laura Ashley is no longer the company it once was to preppy people around the U.S.
Perhaps it is, in part, due to their poor customer service, which is the reason I created my list many years ago.

When I was expecting my first child, I was thrilled that my grandmother planned to purchase the crib bedding for us.

 At the time I could not afford to shop at their posh Pittsburgh store.

Yes, you read that right, Pittsburgh.
Apparently, a girl had to show her tiara or some sort of assurance of pedigree at the door.
I did not and was made to feel quite badly and and as though I shouldn't be shopping there.
What I did not know is that the ridiculous level of snootiness was precisely the reason that I should not shop there.
Not because of any unworthy quality on my part, but rather their disdain, lack of courtesy, and general rudeness.
 Macys.com is now on my "ban" list because of their utter incompetence in handling a simple return recently.
10+ phone calls over 3 months-- need I say more?

Do you ban retailers or restaurants?

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  1. Girl...I HATE Macy's. I banned them years ago and I have not been in since. I don't care if they start giving away stuff! Principle!