05 April 2011

Dream House

Dream house Entry Hall
Don't get me wrong, I appreciate my house. Its the biggest one I've ever lived in.
I am in the very earliest stage of decorating it so figuring out what I want is on my mind.
Pairing what I want with what I already have and considering the constraints
 of budget, existing architecture, and time make it complicated.

Last week I browsed through my inspiration files looking for the elements of my dream house.
I was looking for both things that are possible in my home and things that I love but are fantasy for the moment.

This is my dream kitchen...

This is my real kitchen and the two won't be meeting anytime soon.

A version of this dining room is totally possible, Yay!

I'd like a less pink version of this family room but a large TV and kids make this room impossible.

The general style of this room could happen in my formal living room, minus the bookshelves.
That is what the library is for.

I have plans for a dark, masculine library which will ironically be my "mom cave".

My dream master bedroom has a lot more fabric than my real one.

My 16 year old son does not share my romantic ideas of a boy's bedroom, like the one above.
I've talked him into a bit of midcentury modern combined with his rock star aesthetic.

I have a thing for bed coronets and luckily I should be able to accomplish that in both daughter's rooms.

I'd like a more subdued version of this for the littlest.

At the moment I am living with many white walls, uninspiring light fixtures 
 and one fifth of the furniture I own.
What would your dream house look like?
Do you already live in it?

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