19 April 2011

On Paint

The past week has been a bedroom painting scramble in anticipation of our moving truck full of belonging arriving.

Above, is a before picture of my master bedroom. Can you blame me for wanting to paint it?

This is the almost finished product. The crappy venetian blinds are going away soon and furniture, instead of ladders,will fill the space.
This is actually about the paint.
I used Sherwin-Williams Superpaint in my room and the clerk at S-W promised me that two coats would cover that blood colored accent wall.
Much to my surprise, it did.
I recently used the same Superpaint in my guest bath...
but it only had to cover builder's off white walls.

Yesterday and the day before were spent painting my color-fatigued teens room's.
Much to my chagrin they both insited on having their rooms painted a bright white.
My daughter's room was that builder color with badly scuffed walls and trim.
I decided to save a little cash and went to Lowe's. I chose Valspar Super Premium flat Ultra White that promised "thick one coat coverage".
My already nearly white room required two coats.

That is a blurry before picture of my 16 year-old son's room.
It's very lavender.
This "thick one coat coverage" took actually three coats to cover and after days and days of painting and extra coat seemed like the judge added ten more years to our sentence.
The S-W Superpaint was about $41 a gallon and the Valspar was about $25 a gallon.
I would have gladly spent the money to avoid having to do so many coats of paint and I think we would have ended up using less anyways.

The moral is that, in this case, you get what you pay for.


  1. good to know!!!! Love the way the master bedroom color turned out.

  2. love the blue! i want something a little lighter. i will check out their deck of colours.