12 October 2011

Paring down inspiration folders

Do you have inspiration folders that are specific to looks you want to recreate or that contain elements you would like in your home?
I'll show you a few of my inspiration images along with how they have turned up in my house.
I wanted the painting above to be in a casual family space in my house.
my house
Can you whittle down a massive folder of inspiration pics to one or two per room?
I absolutely had to pare down the inspiration and have one file of ideas I will use and another, massive file of images I really like.
Dining room inspiration #1

Dining room inspiration #2
The images I choose offer general style cues for me instead of an exact look to recreate.

My dining room
Most of my rooms are a work in progress. The dining room needs more on the walls and perhaps an artful setting to fit the look of the inspiration pics. My living room is waiting for items to arrive but in the mean time I have put together my inspiration for the room.

inspiration from Lonny

Lonny had a wonderful image of a bombe chest with a modern painting above. 

My bombe chest
My vignette will include the painting shown, above the chest flanked with Brno chairs.

My huge file of images is still a go to when I just can't think of a way to put something together.
Keeping these photos of other people's houses helps me to define what I like, love, and absolutely hate in decor.


  1. I can so identify with you, Kerry! Very hard to narrow down all of the looks and inspiration files. Thanks for your visit and comment!

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