10 October 2011

Slowly but surely

Bit by bit, things are coming together. My dining room is mostly back together. 

The curtains are back and a few pictures hung.

There will be more on this wall. When I hung the mirror, the first time, the old and brittle wire snapped. It hit the chair rail knocking a hunk out and gouged the wall. Luckily I was standing there and caught it before it hit the floor and shattered entirely. The wall had to be painted a fifth time! 

I was thrilled that my pillows arrived for the family room and...

The walls really are pink

the living room.
The bombe chest arrives today and nearly a year (10 months actually) after moving in I feel like my spaces are closer to my goal.
The end is never really the end. I'll always be tweaking this and that but my goal was to have a cohesive look instead of a white box with furniture in it.
How long did it take you to decorate your current house?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kerry, love the room, love your style! That is crazy about the mirror falling. I have always feared that sort of thing. I have a couple of heavy mirrors and wonder when they will crash...

    The room is looking great. Yes, I can see from your style you would totally love a good shopping day in Georgetown (at least browsing). We also found some wonderful shops in Alexandria including a few good thrift stores in Old Town and nearby Del Ray. If I lived there I would never pay full price again but buy everything vintage. We don't have nearly the selection here.

    We love Virginia (my husband is a civil war buff, so we will be back)!

    xo Terri