03 October 2011


For design junkies like me, the drive to have a magazine perfect home is is a constant. Last week I was exhausted and feeling a bit sick. The dining room was painted but not reassembled and the adjoining living room was supposed to be emptied. Laundry piled up, dinner was ignored, and I did not vaccum everyday--horrors!
Over the weekend I felt a little better and decided not to do most of what was undone as just a check with myself about priorities.
And questions...
My loquacious two-year old often asks, "Are you happy?!" and before I can even register the query she chirps. " IIIIImmm happy!
When I walk into the house, through the  (pronounced GAYR-ahzh in my head) garage, I enter the TV/family/casual room. 

I am always put off when it is a giant mess of toys. And God help the soul who has eaten in there and left evidence.

In reality, I don't demand or expect perfection in my home. I have enough space to create formal and loosely, conceptual spaces as well as functional, family spaces that do not completely sacrifice looks.
If I only had furniture to choose in life it might all be lucite and silk covered settees.
Luckily, I get to choose little and my life is blessed with children and that is the function that Mama's form must follow.
My point is that as much as I crave a perfect home to look at, I have a better home to live in because I push aside the crazed neat freak that is not a fun person to live with and hope no one rings the doorbell.


  1. I can so relate. Thank you for that amusing and clever reminder that we are so lucky to have an imperfect house!

  2. Uhm, yes the last two sentences sum me up perfectly!

  3. So agree. If someone were to drop in now, it would be a bit embarassing. They would be greeted with unfinished paint projects in the living room! Your second photo looks pretty great to me!