12 January 2010

Winter's colors in your home

Color inspired by nature in winter does not have to begin and end with white, brown, and sky blue. By taking a closer look at outdoor color and carefully planning your palette you can create harmony and interest with your choice of color.

First, look more closely at tree bark, for instance. It is not only brown. You will see grays, taupes, and tans. Stones have varied hues sometimes containing flecks of sparkling, silvery mica. Even a snow scape can be an exciting source of color. As you begin to choose your favorites in a wide array, take note of the sky at different hours and use a camera to capture the tones.

Choose one or two main colors for walls and large furniture. Also, choose a secondary and accent color. If you are aiming to transform a room that you have already furnished look for items that fit into your scheme and keep them. Use the secondary color for medium sized items like window treatments, small chairs, and tablecloths. The accent color is for throw pillows, artwork, and other small items.

Any of the colors can be combined in the same piece. Picture a stone gray chair with crisp white piping as part of a clean look.

These methods will always work as long as the color palette itself is harmonious and works across all styles.

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