07 January 2010

Lucky Dog

Ok, I know how to cook things besides homogeneous bowls of slop, but today my oldest daughter came home from school and said, "Mmmm. What smells good?" To which my reply was, "Dog food."
I know. Gross. Actually I make my own dog food and according to my husband and kids it is pretty darn good. I stew chicken until it is fall-off- the- bone tender. I then take the broth and cook pasta, rice or oatmeal in it and steam frozen veggies. Mix it together and freeze in batches to top off the dog's dry food every evening. It lacks the onions, garlic, and salt that I like in a stew, but those are not good for dogs.

I now have a request for a batch of "dog food" for us to have for dinner. Extra salt please.

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