13 January 2010


There is something to be said for embracing the old and working with what you have. That said, would you embrace the 1970s? The Kesten family of Tennesee did.

They kept the groovy 70s feel of their ranch, avocado appliances and all.

I did one room of my house with the 70s colors too. Avocado walls, dark brown berber carpet, obnoxious orange floral couch and some shelves and dressers in that weird brown that they stained wood. I'd post a photo but it is cluttered with baby toys and folded laundry.
Decorators make messes too.
Below is an extreme close up of the "ironic" couch.

What do you think of this approach to decorating?

I think their project was very successful because it is not a contrived, kitschy look that can be overdone and leave you wondering whether or not it's a joke. From a design standpoint, the spaces left empty are as important to it's success as the pieces they chose. In other words, it works not so much because of the style, but in spite of it due to the visually pleasing arrangements.

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