17 September 2010

miles of red and Redd

Miles Redd

My last post got me thinking not only about Miles Redd but about red rooms and how I love them.

My own living room is Ralph Lauren riding coat red. And not as dusty as this picture looks!

Red rooms lend themselves to dim, golden light especially if the red has yellow/orange undertones.

This dining room appears to have a red that has blue/purple undertones and is not as pretty in my opinion.

This room in the palace at Versailles is proof that it is not a humble color.

The red room at the White House agrees.
In this Christmastime photo of the White House red room, it reads the orangey red I prefer.
It also seems really Christmas-y.

Syon House

I am in love with this living room and the lambrequins on the window.
The red works so nicely with blue and white and not a bit Christmas-y.


  1. wonderful interior. There are many elegant and modern tables nowadays. But I always love a simple rectangular table, the yellowish or pale white wood :)

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  2. great color -don't forget diana vreeland's red living room -the garden from hell! Also - Brooke Astor's famous red lacquered library with the brass stripping!