29 September 2010

Seasonal decorating?

image via Country Living

Are you a seasonal decorator? Do you have a different wreath for each month?

image via Pottery Barn

What about Summer? The only thing I manage then, is filling the screened porch.

image via Country Living

In the Spring, I throw together a few tablescapes for entertaining.

 I have to say that, apart from Christmas and Halloween, I hardly ever decorate seasonally. No special candles, wreaths, or anything.

image via Country Living

I am not knocking it. I love autumnal vignettes and plenty of seasonal decor as long as it is not full of fake stuff and over done.

image via Country Living

I really adore Christmas decorations. I have however grown to dread the putting away of everything in the dreary winter days that follow the holiday.

 Christmas is so warm and lovely to me that I find the chore quite depressing.

My cure for that is to simplify my holiday decorating. I put out less and rotate my items on display from year to year.

 What about you? Do you have a plan for every season?


  1. I decorate for christmas of course, but otherwise, i change the slips on my couch throwpillows.I used to have a wreath on my door but my condo board says we can't display anything in public space now- BOO!

  2. We love using real elements when decorating for the season. Great selection of images!