27 September 2010

What I think is wrong with RH

Many bloggers have taken their swipes at Restoration Hardware's new look and for the most part I think they are right. The look is nearly past and and its contirived.

Small retailers who source the "real thing" are angry that RH is mass producing this look. It's annoying, however, I think the market of discerning buyers will prove that RH made a bad bet. Sure, Suzie-suburban-homeowner will open the catolog and recreate a room using her hubby's credit card. 
The real problem that I see is their price point. The prices are affordable for people in urban and large metro areas where the cost of living is much higher than in smaller cities and towns. The fact is that most of America lives in those small cities, rural areas, and tiny towns.

For much of America $3000 is too much to pay for a dining table.

I hate most of it.

Especially this floor lamp.

I have a resale account with RH and would not dare use most of their products in a project.
I say most because there is one notable exception-- lighting, well some of it.

This is one area that the prices aren't way out of line and much of it looks good.

I would happily use this sconce knowing that it is interesting and a decent price.

I will say that I adore the Chesterfield sofa...
but I've seen the real thing in antique stores for less.

Does anyone else feel the same? Or do you think I am totally wrong?

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