25 February 2011

cooking kharma

As I was cleaning up dishes this morning, my mind wandered to a ragged old pot that belonged to my grandmother.
Its blue, from Sears and has seen better days, as have the two other pieces from the set that was purchased in 1972.
I wondered whether I should keep it.
It was part of an "out with the old" remodel of a red 1950s kitchen that my grandparents did when I was very little.
Her very french, gray cabinets had sleek modern lines and she had only lower cabinets. The floor was green and blue and just about every accessory had to be a lovely Provencal, cornflower blue.
That is where the pots came in. I guess that color was difficult to find outside of France at the time, as American styles tended to be avocado green and harvest gold.
I have wonderful memories of that kitchen and the delicious smells that lived there.
All of my grandmother's dishes seem to have good cooking kharma,

producing more than warm, fuzzy memories for me.

They have seen me through many culinary first tries with smashing success.

So I keep the worn and the beautiful alike.

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