18 February 2011

pink weekend ahead

My home is, at the moment dull, dull, and more dull.
Its not that I have no ideas, just ya'know "Rome wasn't built in a day".
Well, the bottom line is that I'm sick of it.
Sick of the scuffed white walls and builder grade finishes and accessories.
So for about $100 I am going to pimp my bathroom.

My main inspiration is this month's House Beautiful.
I have always relegated pink to sunporch slipcovers and cushions but I have begun to rethink it.
My scanner is misbehaving so check out some photos HERE.

The photo above had a pink that's a bit too intense for me.
The pairing with white wainscoting and the blue and white ginger jar had me thinking and this is what I found...

Sherwin-Williams 6576 Azalea Flower.
I was concerned about the undertones being too blue and becoming a sickening muddy mess next to the
orangey wood of the floor.
I also didn't want to swing too far in the direction of peach, ampicillin and Pepto.

I found the above shower curtain for $20 bucks at Target. I was surprised after my last post "Shower Curtain Hell"

I also got this small rug at Target for $20.

I removed this dreadful medicine cabinet too.

I also have to remove this towel bar above the toilet, eww.
It is no where near the sink and the TP holder is matching and, also, less than convenient.

Wish me luck.
Final photos coming soon.

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  1. so glad you cashed in on that great shower curtain. keep us posted on the finished project!