16 February 2011

Shower curtain hell

Why are so many shower curtains trite, cutsey, or just plain awful?

Seashell themes are all too common.

I found some that are blatantly shocking and...

some that require a closer look to reveal their tastelessness.
Note the handcuffs above. I thought, upon first glance that it might be an option for me until I noticed the randy looking ladies.

Many shower curtains are just boring. Stripes, Yawn.

I have a full size bath on the main floor of my house. No powder room so I must consider covering the bath even though it is never used.
I want to paint the walls pink and use black and white or blue and white accents.
I'm leaning towards blue. It'll be a good spot to hang a few of my antique Chinese export plates.

I could be convinced to go this polka dot route.

This is very chic but not quite right.

I think this will do.

How do you feel about shower curtains?


  1. Still searching...let me know when you find yours..LOL..

  2. I did find one at a great boutique--Tar-jay--LOL. Seriously its actually nice. I'll do a post as soon as I paint the bathroom. Hopefully this weekend.