22 February 2011

Pimp My bathroom-part 1 in which I spend more money and find out my entire family hates this color

So I painted the bathrom pink,
taking cues from the recent House Beautiful edition that proclaimed it fabulous beyond all belief.
My husband, who professes to like pink, hates this color. Too intense, he says.

I added a stand alone TP holder thinking its about as inoffensive as it gets for such an item.
The accesories are all blue and white.

I need more but many of the items are boxed up in another state at the moment.

I removed ugly towel bars and realized that now is the time to change the light fixture above the vanity.

This is actually the same only larger in another bath in my house. I hate them but I must confess they are cheap and I used one to replace a very dated fixture at my old house in Pennsylvania.

This is where the more money part comes in.
I spent
$53 on accessories-- shower curtain, rug, and TP holder.
$35 on paint and supplies
$125 on this new light fixture

I think the $125 price tag was very reasonable but it busted my $100 budget.
It goes here..

The faucet and vanity aren't great but they are there and are staying for the time being.
I also need to figure out the hand towel situation.

What do you think? Thumbs up or Thumbs down on this unfinished project.
Part 2 coming soon... I hope.

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