11 February 2011

Who lives in a house with no furniture... Sponge-Pot Strange-gift!

Ok, so no furniture is an exxageration but this sponge is the weirdest gift I have ever opened.

It is about 16 inches high and comes with directions for planting directly in it, i.e. no soil.

If you search images for sponge pot, sponge planter, really weird sponge, etc. Sponge-Bob comes up a lot, along with people using sponges to make pots and a bunch of stuff unrelated to sponges or pots. Maybe they were just smoking pot and took the pictures.

I could not find one picture of one of these sponge pot thingys. I wanted to see what different plants were used and how they looked. It turns out that no one who owns one of these finds them picture worthy.


I thought of perhaps using it to house handtowels and washcloths nicely rolled with guest soap.

It needs a dish below it if its used as a planter which kind of ruins the look, I think.

I thought that a dendrobium orchid in its own small pot might be nicely housed in the sponge pot.

I happen to think the texture is great. I can't wait to figure out exactly where it will live in my house.

What would you do with it?

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