18 May 2011

painted chairs

Years ago, those cream colored chairs were painted royal blue with gold eagles on the backs. Yikes! I bought them at a yard sale and painted them a creamy white. They are now in my kitchen and my dining room beckons for attention.

It is the more formal space with a pedestal Duncan Phyfe mahoghany table. I will most likely have contrasting host chairs at each end and find a set of armless dining chairs. 
I was thinking about doing this and painting them glossy black but I'm not sure that is the look I'm going for.
I did see four chairs that needed some TLC recently and they were only $9 a piece.
I've been running through paint choices in my mind. Like red with some fabulous chinoiserie fabric on the seat.
Queen Anne chairs with cracked leather seats would be ideal.
I also imagined painting them gold and using a red cotton jaquard I already have.
After all the walls will be red, I know, I know, every blogger hates red dining rooms but I am the one living here and I love red.
I just bought this vintage chandelier for the dining room.
I think I'll hold out for better chairs.

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