26 May 2011

Score II and what to do.

I went on the hunt for dining chairs in old town Fredericksburg yesterday.
 I did not find the chairs I wanted but find plenty of goodies.

At River Run Antiques I found this fabulous bookcase with drop front drawer. There was no price but my husband really liked the pics and I'll have to go back to see whether or not its in the budget.

Terrible picture, cool table.

This portrait caught my eye as did several other paintings that were too high on the wall to get a good picture of.
These chairs at R & R Antiques were cute but not quite right.
Next to those chairs was this and...
this case of goodies.

If your ship is missing a wheel, they have that too.

Diving ?

I am confused about the name of the next store. The sign just says Fredericksburg clock repair but that had the loveliest displays instead of the usual jumble of things.

I considered these charming glasses.

And a few things from this display.

I couldn't think of a spot for this primitive box so it stayed there.

There was an entire section of well loved toys that reminded me of The Velveteen Rabbit. The pictures of that area didn't come out very well.

A barber's pole and disco ball! Everything I've ever dreamed of! Kidding, of course.

Yet another shop proved chock full of chinoiserie, including these guys for $20. I think I might be headed back for them.
What did I buy?
Three vintage Vera scarves that I love, love love.
This groovy one has the colors in my 16 year old son's room. I just don't know what to do with it.
 A pillow would be unappreciated and drooled on. Gross.
The happy colors in this one have me considering framing it for my littlest girl's room to go with this painting I just bought on Etsy.
 She will be one chic little girl!
What would you do with these scarves? I need ideas.

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