12 May 2011

Unpacking, birthdays, and a project

I am still unpacking from the move while preparing for two birthday parties and little/big projects that I feel compelled to do now.
I have spent an inordinate amount of time hanging pictures and
curtains. Someday the white walls and horrible mini blinds will go.
I have a bank of four identical windows in the family room, behind the sofa and across from the TV.
They currently have white mini blinds but will be getting these bamboo shades as soon as I finish lining them with blackout lining.
 It is a process that is easy but I have been working on the floor-ouch. First you remove the string from the rings.
I cut the lining to size and using Fabri-tac "hem" the edges, then flip it over and glue in sections sclicing a tiny slit for each ring to pop through.

I thin the Fabri-tac with acetone and use a paint brush to apply a thin, irregular coat to the lining. Once it is dry you restring the shade and hang it.
I have so much work ahead of me in this house including the birthday party for my littlest on Saturday. She is two today and I am off to enjoy my day with her.

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