31 May 2011

textural tables

As I recently took a look around my family room, I thought it had, or was about to have too much texture.

The orange beast was reincarnated in a lovely, warm gray.

To that was added my kid proof rustic table and accessories. Soon to come are bamboo shades and drapes...

in this Robert Allen fabric on four windows behind the sofa.
I have Kirsch wrought iron rods for them. Hmm, rustic-y.

There are two medium tone wood dressers and an antique wood milking chair in the room.
Also, this chair in a black velvet will be arriving in a week or so.
I figured I need something light and fresh, maybe shiny and sleek too to tone down all the wood and rich texture in this very bright room.
So I bought one of these and almost bought a very, boring and safe second when I found this...
on Etsy. Yay! I'm so excited that every thing is coming together. I'll post photos as soon as it all arrives.

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  1. Love the chinoserie inspired table, it is so timeless and yet modern day! Wondering if my other comment went through?