11 May 2011

Where does your art come from?

Most of the artwork in my home comes from my grandmother's long career as an artist and art teacher.

 A few pieces are from other sources.

None of it is mass produced like this abstract from Ballard. While I like it I would never buy it.
I really like this bold floral from Pier One yet I don't think I could bring myself to hang it in my home. I really believe that an authentic decor needs original artwork. The closest thing to a mass produced print I own is a collection of antique architectural  and fox hunting prints that I have found on ebay.
It turns out to be a very affordable method to incorporate unique (or nearly unique) art in your home.
Stuff like this makes me cringe.
And this...
and this. My apologies to the artists but I just don't like them.
This Dee McCleskey pastel was recently featured in a local gallery. I'm sure it was more than $129.
Cathy Henrdon acrylic
I'd rather have one original painting than an entire house of mass produced art.
Do you agree?
Or do you think I am a snarky art snob?

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