17 June 2011

art obsession-help me choose

Celebration by Linda Monfort
I have become slightly obsessed with buying original art. I confess. It is like my dirty, little secret in this house. I steal moment to check eBay auctions and browse Etsy, never daring to let my family know how much I desire this art.
The painting above is by Linda Monfort. I bought it about a month ago and I adore it. It is even more captivating in person. It was originally intended to be in my 2 year-old's room which will be chic enough without it because I want to look at this painting all the time.

Next, I purchased this antique French impressionist painting on eBay. It is petite and darling but in need of a frame.
I have a few others that I am watching on eBay on pins and needles
Here are a few that I covet on Etsy.

This may look like a glorified smear to some but it truly moves me ( it makes me want to scream ! I'd cheat on my husband with that man's palette knife! Maybe not literally.) as does other work by Greg Hargreaves  but it is out of budget for the moment.

Art is as difficult to explain the reasons for loving, as it is to explain  why we love particular people.

by Linda Donohue
This ocean abstract by Linda Donohue gives me a warm, fuzzy kind of memory of my childhood. Its part of the reason art is so personal.
So here is my choice...

this John Michael painting...

it a good stab in the heart.

or this, groovy on all the right ways painting.

All of this for the stupid builder hole over the fireplace...

 I am adding a picture of the room empty because I firmly believe that exceptional art stands alone and never needs to "fit into the color scheme" of the overall decor. Art trumps decor on some occasions. If it is big, bold and good enough it can be hung anywhere.

Which is your favorite? One shown here? Tell me about your favorite work of art.

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  1. Oooh I so love the stab in the heart - so abstract it can change everyday. The other one is nice too - such a warm color palette. Good luck choosing!