30 June 2011

Trends-picking & choosing

In choosing things to fill my own house, I often consider trendy items.
Slipcovers were on my radar for a comfortable family room. I do own the Ikea slipped loveseat and find it terribly uncomfortable but more importantly it got marked too easily. My family isn't that filthy but a small child holding a crayon can make you wish you did not have anything white.

I need to replace a viciously ugly light fixture in the kitchen eating area. I considered an oversized lantern but I don't like them enough.
Which leads me to my method for shuffling through trends...

I ask "Would I buy this if it were not a trend?" and the answer dictates the purchase.

If it is ultimately not pleasing to me (like that kitchen and its delicious floor) the result is something that does not say anything about me.
An authentic interior is what we are all after, right?

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